Sunday, January 16, 2011

I thought it was time to enter the blogging world

Hey everyone... I'm excited to finally be starting a blog! I want to start by letting you know a little about me and what this blog will be about. My name is Leah. I am a wife to Shane and mother of  Willow (3), Canaan (19 months), Olive (7 months), and our sweet baby Josey who would have been 4 this year, but is in the arms of our heavenly father. I am a stay at home mom and feel so blessed to have the oppurtunity to watch my children grow up. That being said, I get completely stir crazy staying at home wiping butts and cleaning the same rooms and the same stinky toilet and the same stains out of the same clothes everyday... so I started sewing and crafting for my sanitys sake. I thought I would start this blog to give and get inspiration for new stuff from all the other crazy crafty mommas out there! Thanks for checking me out and hope to hear from all of you all.

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