Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Sis / Little Sis Dresses

These little dresses i made for my sister's sister-in law's beautiful daughters, Caroline and Audrey. I know they will look adorable in them... but they could make potato sacks look good.

 Above: sz. 9 month
 Right: sz. 3T

Fabric: "dance with me kimberly" pink/lime 
Bodice fabric: "dance with me leann"


  1. Cute stuff!! If I got Kaelyn some Valentine fabric do you think you can make her a dress?

  2. Sure! I would love to make her one! If you go to you can pick out something you like and I will order it for you. just text me and let me know the name of the fabric. Or if you find some somewhere else thats fine too. just let me know... thanks Nikita! -Leah

  3. You are awesome!! Thanks so much!! Love your stuff!

  4. Audrey and Caroline say thanks for the nice compliments! And also, the opposite is true: your dresses would make ugly kids cute. HAHA! :) They fit and look adorable!